Rabbit and the Snowdrop Lady

Rabbit and the Snowdrop Lady

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Future Spring – Eva Weggelaar

Future Spring – Eva Weggelaar

I’d give you love,
someone to trust.
I’d wash away all of the dust
to make your weary eyes see spring again.
Show you how it once began,
and that some things started never fade:
the sun shining even when it’s dark, the tree that will always offer you her shade.
So please, stop running quite so fast;
I could be the future that would give you back your past.
©Eva Weggelaar

Ebb’s potential – Eva Weggelaar

Ebb’s potential – Eva Weggelaar

Through the earth and rhododendron scented rains,
with the dog panting at my feet,
I roam all your winding lanes,
your twisting byroads, in search of a sigh that I can read.

I have such great potential for happiness
and, though it was always my dismissal,
I long to be the one to make you smile as I caress
each Braille shaped crevice of your strong stone wall.

I crush the petals for their wet soil scent,
ask the dog to run
so the wind can dry my eyes and mend
the many things I left undone.

There’s so much that I can’t say
and daren’t even write,
I long to spell it out for you anyway
I dream about it every night.

The dark trees make way for me
as I run with my faithful shadow
towards the crashing sound of the sea
that echoes your mind’s ebb and flow.

I’ll be the moon, the hare
whose eye lights up the tide –
you may not know, you may not care
but I’m so very much alone when out of sight.
-©Eva Weggelaar-

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Song of a White Hare

Song of a White Hare

Very glad my poem ‘Song of a White Hare’ has found a good home!

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The Fellowship of The King

I search far and wide for you in forests full of falling leaves

Through meadows wet with dew underneath a sky that grieves

You think you see me running through the misty air, but then you find it’s just a lie

The fog shelters nothing but the tracks of a white hare, so you turn away and sigh

But don’t you ever notice how my shape shifts?

Do you never wonder why it is I always come, bearing strange gifts?

Songs spun out of air, apples made of gold

Dreams beyond compare and all the lives that you can hold

I want to make your eyes turn blue, so I will tell you many tales

I’ll make them dance for you and tear away their misty veils

Now send your dogs after me, and I will chase them through the fields

It’s unclear who the hunter will be…

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