From Feathers to Lead; a swan’s song – Eva Weggelaar

From Feathers to Lead; a swan’s song – Eva Weggelaar

In fairy tales, don’t leave your lover for a second:
they’re bound to disappear.
Led through an open door, beckoned
by a voice that whispers ‘come in here’.

There was something I forgot to do,
something that you wouldn’t see.
Too many things I didn’t say to you.
That spell still haunting me.

I never said I’d stay
My mask was falling
I heard the sky calling
I had to go away

I thought you’d take my cloak again,
would come to set us both free.
That spell would’ve been broken then.
These wings wouldn’t be haunting me.

I didn’t want to go away
When my mask was falling
When I heard the sky calling
You should’ve made me stay

Now I trail my tattered wings
over the dusty castle-floor.
A swan that never sings.
A man who pays no heed to lore.

In fairy tales, keep dancing till the happy end:
there’s no other way.
But what if there’s no narrator, bent
on making sure you’re not led astray?

-©Eva Weggelaar-

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Illustration: Caspar David Friedrich