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March 2016

Song of a White Hare – The Fellowship of the King
May 2016
Keys – Eva Weggelaar
June 2016
Ebb’s potential – Eva Weggelaar
September – Eva Weggelaar
Hope in fate – Eva Weggelaar
July 2016
Our Way – Eva Weggelaar
The World Tree – Eva Weggelaar
Eclipse – Eva Weggelaar
Wind in the Forest – Eva Weggelaar
August 2016
From Feathers to Lead; a swan’s song – Eva Weggelaar
Rhododendrons and Azaleas – Eva Weggelaar
One-way plea – Eva Weggelaar
I remain, – Eva Weggelaar
September 2016
Paradise is this Way – Eva Weggelaar
False Light – Eva Weggelaar
Winter’s Bed – Eva Weggelaar
Sand – Eva Weggelaar
October 2016
Future Spring – Eva Weggelaar
All the lights – Eva Weggelaar
No time like the present – Eva Weggelaar
Hound and Hare – Fickle Muses
November 2016
House of Cobwebs – Eva Weggelaar
Slipping Mask – Eva Weggelaar
Nowhere – Eva Weggelaar
I’ll leave it to you – Eva Weggelaar
December 2016
And I whisper all your names – Eva Weggelaar
November – Eva Weggelaar
January 2017
The Solidity of Sound – Eva Weggelaar
The Thief of Time – Eva Weggelaar
September 2017
The same kind of pity as time – Eva Weggelaar
Weaving Breath – Eva Weggelaar
October 2017
Premonition – Eva Weggelaar
White Mare – Eva Weggelaar
Cut down to size – Eva Weggelaar
Wellspring – Eva Weggelaar
You’ll feel better then – Eva Weggelaar
November 2017
A Golden Ball – Eva Weggelaar
April 2018
Midwinter – Eva Weggelaar
September 2018
What the thunder said – Eva Weggelaar
October 2018
Between September and November – Eva Weggelaar

December 2016
Rabbit and the Winter Feast – a children’s story
Chasing the Wind
Goddess of Love
January 2017
Rabbit and the Snowdrop Lady
The White Hare
May 2018
The Wandering King

Translations of Dutch legends and folktales
July 2016
Thunar & the Winter Giants – a saga
The Big Hul and the Little Hul
August 2016
The Fairy Tale of Pomphul
The White Lady of Hoog Soeren
Of Goblin’s Mountain and the Echowell
The Wild Hunt
Wichard Saga
September 2016
The Black lady of Staveren
Legends of Sol’s Hollow
The Smoke- or Bunterman’s Mountain
The High Devil and the Red Hedge
The Rider’s Hole
October 2016
Around the Hearth
The Trees of Drie
How the Horror Got His Horse
The Foresight
When the Skipper Was taken By the Evil One
November 2016
The Warlock and the Skipper
Bia as a Bride
December 2016
The Wild Farm
The lady of Kwadenoord
An Introduction to Gust van de Wall Perné and the Sagas of the Veluwe
The Night Ferry – sailing souls to England
January 2017
The White Women – the Dutch legend of the Witte Wieven
October 2017
The Key to Happiness – a tale of envy
November 2017
The Swan Maiden of Adrichem

Articles, musings, and flash fiction
March 2016
Skutt the Moose and Princess Tuvstarr
East of the Sun and West of the Moon
On fairy tales and romance – do things become old-fashioned?

April 2016
The Colour of Foxes
More on the white hare
The Hare

Misc. content
Fox, hare, and rooster
Hedgehogs and Slavic folklore
Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit