Blue neon light shatters on the floor
a rented single room
where he’s knocking on the door
asking you to dispel
the gloom
There’s a bed
a mirror,
a photograph and snow
all things that he’ll forget
but you mustn’t let him see you know
Again he’ll turn on the stupid lamp
to see the floor is rough
the walls are damp
and say it’s a shame there’s no room for morning, love

Downstairs a crow flies off with a piece of bone
left in the narrow alley
next to the trash can of the so-called deli
and for a minute you’re glad to be alone

But they say that man’s got good stuff
you can find him at the mall
his hair is bleached and rough
and he won’t let you fall
The storage room’s hot
and much too light
he says he knew you’d not
be one to put up a fight
He says you’ll feel better when you’ve had some more
it’s too cold in the hothouse air
and your fingers trace a pattern on the dusty floor
in an attempt to tell him you don’t care

©Eva Weggelaar

Photogravure: Harold Burkedin & John Morrison

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