The Ferris wheel at the end of the street
its lights refracted by the rain
spins around, driven by the need
to give substance to a passing refrain
Well, I’m waiting for time to turn
in a game that relies so heavily on fate
though soon the lights will cease to burn
and my watch tells me it’s late
So spin round one more time
and tear away the veil
to give reason to the rhyme
and find truth in a fairytale

I’ll go down on my knees
and whisper through the door
all my verse and fantasies
to change reality once more
The black and endless nightmare
that would ride right over you
will be made to stop and stare
rendered helpless as it sees my dreams come true
So let it spin around
give solidity to sound
till I can dance on my own ground
Spin around

©Eva Weggelaar

Illustration: Kay Nielsen


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