November – Eva Weggelaar

November – Eva Weggelaar

After the warm and crowded train
mist curls around you
just passing through
with nothing to explain

Through the cracks between fog and frost
the space between falling leaves and a wet street
looking for someone to meet
around corners, opportunities, lost

A second-hand café
serving hot ginger tea
and another memory
that mustn’t slip away
Only when it’s near
is it good to be alone
so you try to catch it on the phone:
don’t leave me here

The scent of smoke and vanilla fills the air
as you keep moving around
going over the same ground
after something, surely, right there

Not waiting for the last train
an empty shell
waiting for the bell
unable to explain
©Eva Weggelaar

And I whisper all your names – Eva Weggelaar

And I whisper all your names – Eva Weggelaar

Spring is balancing twice twelve hours
the air whispers that good things go far
In the twilight bare trees collect their powers
dancing in the headlights of a car

Surrounded by dusk, tables form lit up little islands
inviting me to a drink, a cigarette
Offering a liminal resting place where I can fill the silence
with memories of the things you said

I wish I was on your mind
like something that’s always in your pocket
Kept safe as a propitious find
or a picture in a locket

By the time the night turns grey
dust whirls up in an imagined room
One last cigarette and nothing to say
long fingers of smoke caress the gloom

I look at pictures in empty frames
and I whisper all your names
©Eva Weggelaar