I’d love to have had a field day
weaving cobwebs in your mind, your hair;
would you have liked them, kept them there,
turning my dreams into the words you say?

Watching Venus kiss the moon
– oh yes, add high romance –
I run rings around you in my endless dance
to turn my memory into your best room.

There, I would have been the dog at your feet,
happily shape-shifting to entertain,
your companion in the rain,
getting you everything you need.

Wanting to write a dream, a song,
to paint for you, in colour or in black and white,
a place where you can find some light,
I create a home where my inflated visions throng.

Of all things in your pocket when you go, I still wish to be the amulet;
content to be kept safely out of sight,
no one knowing why everything went right –
the most effective charm you’ve ever had.
-©Eva Weggelaar-


2 thoughts on “House of Cobwebs – Eva Weggelaar

  1. Reblogged this on The Harmony of Týr Mórríghan and commented:
    “I highly recommend great care, not caution, precisely what I stated, great care, for the imagery gifted us, the reader by The Poet of Paradise Is This Way, invokes (a spirit or deity) of tremendous clarity and power, on such a such soul snatching magnitude her words live, demand to be treated with Great Care.” ~ Týr Mórríghan

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