I’ll leave it to you – Eva Weggelaar

I’ll leave it to you  – Eva Weggelaar

My custom-made mythologies
My unspoken apologies
My put-on happiness
My cloak of fanciness
My pre-packed suitcase
My unworn lace
Everything to make you see
the world I paint with what you gave to me

I’m the picture in your frame
painted with your signs
the illustration to your lines
bearing your name

I’m the way you described me
a character in your book
living only when you look
following a plot that I can’t see

I think with your mind
see through your eyes
breathe your sighs
in a world where I’m blind

You see, I keep thinking there must be something I could do
but the storm chased my horses far away
left me in a pale vastness with nothing to say
and I wish I could leave it to you
©Eva Weggelaar

Nowhere – Eva Weggelaar

Nowhere – Eva Weggelaar

Summer scents you won’t forget
they’ll turn to tales at night in bed
in a double room for you alone
with a view that’s still unknown
The streets are filled with fantasies
all the cars are begging, please
get inside and be nowhere
maybe this time you’ll get there

Don’t ask me to explain
my fingers have gone blind, my hand goes through the wall
as I’m trying not to fall
and everything is everywhere the same

The shadows dance till dawn
while their owners are all gone
you walk with stories by your side
your high-heeled steps ring through the night
Your head is filled with dreams
nothing ever is quite what it seems
all the dice that you can’t cast
while the future rushes past

Don’t ask me to explain
my fingers have gone blind, my hand goes through the wall
as I’m trying not to fall
and everything is everywhere the same
©Eva Weggelaar

Slipping Mask – Eva Weggelaar

Slipping Mask – Eva Weggelaar

Your instant blindness
your pretended costly kindness
that I can’t mistake for more

Your eyes off my face
your textbook words in place
when you only want to walk out the door

Your hidden jealousy
your acted sympathy
your attempts to distract me
while you’d love to see me on the floor
like something that you tore
to mark it yours, reined in for evermore
©Eva Weggelaar

Illustration: Lesser Ury

House of Cobwebs – Eva Weggelaar

House of Cobwebs – Eva Weggelaar

I’d love to have had a field day
weaving cobwebs in your mind, your hair;
would you have liked them, kept them there,
turning my dreams into the words you say?

Watching Venus kiss the moon
– oh yes, add high romance –
I run rings around you in my endless dance
to turn my memory into your best room.

There, I would have been the dog at your feet,
happily shape-shifting to entertain,
your companion in the rain,
getting you everything you need.

Wanting to write a dream, a song,
to paint for you, in colour or in black and white,
a place where you can find some light,
I create a home where my inflated visions throng.

Of all things in your pocket when you go, I still wish to be the amulet;
content to be kept safely out of sight,
no one knowing why everything went right –
the most effective charm you’ve ever had.
-©Eva Weggelaar-