Everything you need
will come to you tomorrow;
hope is something you must borrow,
so forget the fine print you can’t read.
Do not notice that the lights are on too long,
or let your fingers press
against the glass
because everything’s still wrong.

Though it forever stays today,
we have ways to numb your consciousness,
we will endlessly digress
till you forget we never pay.
Though the lights have been on for much too long
and your fingers burn,
you’ll never learn
why we can get it all for just a song.

Remember that the things you know
were never true,
so we’ll always be a step ahead of you
and there’ll be nowhere for you to go.
We’ll leave the lights on for so long
that your fingers lose their grip,
your weary eyes slip,
and we can say you were never strong.

What else did you expect,
when our strength just came from what you lacked?
©Eva Weggelaar

Listen to the audio here on youtube

Illustration: Gerhard Richter


One thought on “Our Way – Eva Weggelaar

  1. “A perfect example of the poetry of Paradise is this Way – tales & poetry being branded dangerous. Just when the reader begins to think he or she has the poet figured out, has consumed all of the poet there is to consume, PITW rocks the very foundations of the reader, adding ‘multiplicity’ of depth, understanding, perception, delivered in all fresh uncharted dimensions.” Týr Mórríghan on Our Way by Paradise is this Way

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