It’s night and here’s another song:
next to a grey car in an autumn street
you bury your face in a sweater and meet
the words ‘sorry it took me so long’.

The autumn sun touches the frost;
7 o’clock: pull the blanket over me,
take away the early morning tea,
it smells lovely outside and I feel lost.

I think about all the rain that fell on midsummer’s day,
when I wrote to tell you that it promised apples for September,
and now I lie here wondering if you remember
as I search, as always, for something new to say.

I’ll go back to sleep and be the blanket that covers you;
you’ll say ‘not right now’.
Typical. I’ll laugh and love you anyhow,
for babe, my dreams come true.
-©Eva Weggelaar-

Listen to the audio here on youtube


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