I want to kiss your eyes,
remove the traces of those sighs.
Even though the promises of the past never quite come true,
know I only live to make it up to you.
I always had a thing for hands
and now I watch your fingers dance
and stumble over black white keys.
Oh my darling, let me please
just sit here on the floor
and listen to the whispers that I must’ve heard before.
Make you feel there’s still time for later to start,
quietly pour out the contents of my heart,
and watch them glide between your fingers
as the glow of the hearth fire lingers
and the twilight sky turns blue.
Oh my dear, just let me prove to you
that however far you choose to roam
I’ll always do my best to be your home.
-©Eva Weggelaar-

Listen to the audio version here on youtube

Photograph: unknown (if you know the source or object to my use of this image, please comment)


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