The black dog followed him home every night for a week, and each night the creature was bigger than it had been the night before…

You can find stories about the spectral Black Dog all over Europe, especially in Britain, and the legend is still very much alive today – people still report sightings of the creature.
After extensive research, folklorist Mark Norman’s book about British Black Dog folklore will soon be released and you can pre-order it here I’m sure it will be very much worthwhile!
If you’re interested in folklore, I can also recommend a visit to his facebook page

And for now, read more about the black dog on the blog Under the influence! and on Carolyn Emerick’s page
To stay in the mood, you can read The Hound of the Baskervilles (free download!) 🙂

Illustration: John Lurie


3 thoughts on “Black dog folklore

  1. Thank you for mentioning my book. If anyone interest gets in quick from the link above, all pre-orders are signed by me before the publisher sends them out :). I am always happy to chat with people on the subject on my author page too.

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