Though he tried to forget the old legend that told of women who changed into hares to haunt the men who’d left them, he couldn’t resist looking out at dawn and dusk to see the creature…
-Eva Weggelaar-

In my poem Song of a White Hare and in the story, The White Hare, I wrote about it, the white hare is a benign creature, albeit a determined one, and driven solely by love (typical hallmark of almost everything I write, I’m afraid).
Although it hasn’t got anything to do with the White Hare of Looe, you can read about another friendly white hare in Legends and Tales of North Cornwall by Enys Tregarthen (free download!).

The original Cornish tale is very different though –  you can read it on Zteve T. Evans’s wonderful website
And here’s a video by Western Light Pictures, commissioned by Mazed tales and the source of the featured image on this page: The White Hare of Looe


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